Elbit Systems of Australia workshops Human Machine Teaming with universities – 16.08.2021

Elbit Systems of Australia (ELSA) is teaming up with universities to showcase world-leading disruptive technologies to benefit emergency services, defence and homeland security through the Centre of Excellence in Melbourne.

The Centre of Excellence, which ELSA launched in February this year in partnership with the Victorian Government, will kick off its educational collaboration series on Monday August 16.

ELSA Managing Director, Major General (ret’d) Paul McLachlan AO, CSC, said while it was the first workshop for the new Centre of Excellence in Melbourne, global parent company Elbit Systems placed great emphasis on working with universities to ensure its technology remained world leading.

“Our global businesses successfully partner with universities to showcase new technologies and to demonstrate collaboration between industry and research institutions,” Mr McLachlan said.

“I am extremely proud that we now have the ability to partner with them right here in Australia using our sovereign research and development (R&D) centre that will grow both Victoria’s and the nation’s technology footprint.

“Australian universities have outstanding reputations and demonstrated abilities to work with industry and we are delighted to collaborate and have the opportunity to workshop innovative solutions for our world-leading technology.”

Mr McLachlan said that technology included command and control solutions based on our E-CIX modular framework, which is an open architecture design that provided a development environment that could accommodate third-party applications.

“The E-CIX framework also enables integration of multiple sensors, AI and data fusion capabilities that augments the user’s situational awareness and ability to respond quickly and effectively. These are characteristics that are really important to emergency services, homeland security and defence agencies,” Mr McLachlan said.

“Our collaboration and pursuit of excellence does not stop with the Victorian Government and Australian universities however, as we want to support and champion the development of a Human Machine Teaming ecosystem within Victoria by engaging with multiple SMEs and research institutions to enable the growth of Human Machine Teaming technologies and Australian jobs.”

ELSA’s Centre of Excellence Program Manager R&D Damian Fratric said the aim of collaborations was to enable universities to present research projects and technologies.

“The aim of the workshop series is to discuss emerging technologies and the possibility of developing research projects that could be utilised to improve decision making and situational awareness for Human Machine Teaming applications for emergency services, homeland security and defence,” Mr Fratric said.

“We look forward to working with the educational and research institutions and SMEs that have reached out since the opening of our new sovereign R&D hub.”

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