Homeland Security
We specialise in the development, manufacture, delivery and installation of security solutions.

We supply state-of-the-art technology for homeland security. Specialising in a variety of security solutions, including: long, medium and short-range day-night surveillance sensors, surveillance vehicles with EO sensors and radars, small UAS, electronic and fibre-optic intrusion detection fences, security C4I centres, IP security surveillance networks management.


Incident Command Training

Incident command team training systems

Our Homeland Security – Incident Command Team Training System realistically simulates complex emergency scenarios where multiple security and rescue teams must seamlessly coordinate life-saving operations.


Electronic warfare

EW and Signal Intelligence

We have access to leading-edge technology through our parent, Elbit Systems, which develops, manufactures and supplies comprehensive solutions in the electromagnetic spectrum domain, including electronic warfare (EW), spectrum management and control, communications, and signal intelligence.

LF skylark

Border security

Our integrated solutions for persistent surveillance, regional control and perimeter protection support law enforcement, counter-terrorism and homeland security activities. Our Border Surveillance System provides real-time regional surveillance, early warning, targeting and border-patrol mission management as used by the United States border.

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Pipeline security

The protection of land-based pipelines against sabotage, illegal tapping and terrorist action is of high priority worldwide. We offer the I-PASS system, which is optimised for protection of pipelines transferring gas, oil or other essential liquid products and to secure other infrastructure installations of the energy industry.            

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Coastal surveillance

Our Coastal Surveillance and Management System is a highly sophisticated, multi-layer system employing advanced surveillance from autonomous, remotely operated sites, all remotely-controlled from a central control room. These sites feature long-range coastal surveillance radar synchronised with a long-range day-night video surveillance system.  Each site is a self-sufficient unit and enables independent deployment of sites in stages.

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Airport security

We offer outdoor and indoor security and protection solutions for airport and seaport sites and facilities. The external perimeter of the sites are monitored by a combination of two types of electro-optic surveillance systems – long range and short/medium range day and night systems.

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Border control

Our border control system has been developed for air, sea and land entry points. The system, called BCR 2000, fulfils the special need and operational requirements of a wide range of potential users worldwide. BCR 2000 benefits from our extensive experience in integrating command, control and communication for defence and homeland security customers.


Transportation security

Transportation systems have become a focal point of security concerns. We provide solutions for secured transportation including rail, bus, roads and tunnels. Our security activity covers different areas of risk, both above the ground or below, including unauthorised access, common corridors, fire and life safety, power outages, carparks, and robbery or other criminal activities.


Perimeter security

In order to protect remote and uninhabitable regions, mountainous terrain and border lines that lack infrastructure, sophisticated security solutions are required. We offer combined security solutions composed of mobile surveillance systems, electronic alarm fences and long-range electro-optical measures. Using mobile surveillance to enable border forces to be deployed in random positions inhibits attempts to predict border force observation and surveillance patterns.

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