An Aussie delegation of SMEs tours Elbit Systems in Israel

Elbit Systems host Aussie SME delegation in Israel

An Australian delegation representing defence industry has visited Elbit Systems, a leading manufacturer of military technology in Israel, to understand transfer of technology, and how it could benefit the development of sovereign manufacturing in Australia.

Elbit hosted the visit – comprised of SMEs from across Australia that specialise in various production and assembly capabilities – which gave them an opportunity to witness first-hand the innovative technology and systems being developed by the company.

The Australian SMEs were also given the opportunity to tour the Elbit facilities and see the various systems and products being manufactured, integrated and tested, including advanced weapons systems, military electronics, and other defence technologies.

The group also had the chance to view presentations on the company’s latest research and development projects and engaged in the professional discussions with Elbit engineers and executives to learn more about the company’s work.

The visit was a valuable opportunity for the Australians to learn more about the capabilities of Elbit Systems and to explore potential collaboration and partnership opportunities. It also provided Elbit with the chance to showcase its expertise and technology to a key international partner.

Overall, the visit was a successful one for both sides, and could likely to lead to further collaboration in the field of defence technology.

Media contact: Director Public Affairs Angela Harper 0428 812 198

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